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Dance Photography

Is your dance studio looking for a photographer?

Let JN Photos' knowledge and expertise service your studio. From action photos to individual & group portraits, JN Photos can accommodate all of your photography needs.

Shooting Day:

  • JN Photos will take photos and then upload them onto a online gallery. There the parents can go on and view the photos and pick which photo they want. Parents will be given order forms on the day of the shoot. The order forms can be filled out when you pick your image and turn back into the dance studio by the given date.
  • A large display of products will be available for parents to see as well as extra order forms
  • Money is due when you turn the order form back in, either by cash or check.
  • Once all photos have been ordered, JN Photos will deliver photos back to the studio communicator
  • Parents can always call and order more photos at a later date

Call or Email for pricing information!

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